Heather Jennings

“Can you say “ROCK STAR?” If you can then you’ve described Tamra! Tamra has been a positive influence in my life. I work out with Tamra individually and also attend her Saturday boot camp class. I started with Tamra because I needed help getting results; they were always just out of reach. Since I began with Tamra, my body has changed and I’m seeing big differences in the way I look and how my clothes fit. And her time with me doesn’t stop once I leave our work out session; she is involved with me throughout the week—checking on me and keeping me accountable. She knows how to push and get results, “Okay, how about five more?” It’s a comprehensive program with Tamra, utilizing physical fitness, nutrition, and motivation to get serious results.”

Debra Karp

“At age 57, the thought of dedicating time to my physical well-being became more important than ever. Lucky for me I found Tamra who has been my rock, a constant inspiration, and guided me to wonderful results above and beyond all of my expectations. She is extremely knowledgeable, sensitive of my strengths and weaknesses, makes great use of our time together, and just tough enough to make every workout seem like good use of my time as well as motivating me to want to return for our next appointment. I feel more fit, and healthy with each passing week. Tamra rocks!”

Dan Munday

“Tamra’s program has definitely helped boost my overall energy and fitness levels. The coaching, diet and training advice, visible results, and her attentive personality keeps me coming back for more (PAIN – optional word here)! It’s been difficult to motivate myself and stay with a program consistently, but Tamra’s coaching keeps me on track and helps me achieve my fitness goals. She can kick up the intesnsity to make things challenging and she’s also very accommodating when I have a hectic work schedule. Tamra’s great at mixing things up to make the workouts and sessions interesting and I like combining cardio and strength training into 1 workout. Even though it’s difficult sometimes to find the energy after work and time through a busy week, the workouts re-energize me and provide long term benefits. Thanks, Tamra!”

Sonia Fox-Ohlbaum

“I was facing a hip replacement after suffering for 2 years. In that period of time, exercise was put on the back burner because my pain didn’t allow me to even walk!! A friend of mine bragged about Tamra and I made a mental note to give her a call post surgery. One day I was so devastated by my inability to even get dressed, I called Tamra to see if she could possibly help strengthen parts of my body that were willing to cooperate. Tamra was so considerate of my limitations, and very knowledgeable of areas that could be worked on. After 2 ½ months of working with Tamra, I felt stronger than I had in many years. Post surgery, I was lifting my weak leg and weak arms so well, that my nurses and physical therapists were amazed!! I truly credit Tamra for my positive mind and quick recuperation. Thank you Tamra!!!”

Mark Rubin

“Tamra is a true professional and makes getting fit fun!!! She has a fully outfitted fitness center in her garage and insures that every warm-up and exercise movement is done correctly for maximum results. Every workout session is designed to work all parts of the body in a carefully designed sequence. She is constantly asking for feedback to avoid injury which I truly appreciate. Additionally, she offers dietetic advise and recipes to help in getting the best results. All in all, Tamra is a very knowledgeable and friendly fitness professional who makes working out an enjoyable experience, one that I look forward to each week.”

Amy Moore

“I have gotten only positive results from working out with Tamra Herb, physically and mentally. There is an understanding of balance between the mind and body that is demonstrated throughout the workouts. It is something to look forward to doing because no only is it good for the body, but she makes the workouts fun too.”


“After starting with Tamra I found out that just doing cardio was not effective for weight loss. I am new to personal training, I find comfort in working out in a gym setting with Tamra because that is where I like to do my cardio workouts. I began training in May of 2014. Since then, I have lost a lot of weight. I owe all of that to the dedication and persistence of my trainer Tamra. The results I’ve gotten from my trainer are not just physical. Mentally, I’ve never been in better shape. My self-confidence has grown while my waist has shrunk. Tamra also helps me track my food which has made me even more accountable.”

Pauline Hays

“Thank you Tamra! I will be 65 in a few months and people think that I am in my 50’s. My balance and stamina have improved so much so that I feel younger and have more confidence. Before working with Tamra, I slipped and fell on ice breaking my wrist. I expected I would always have a problem with this wrist. After Tamra’s guidance, my wrist is stronger than before it was broken. When I first started with Tamra I expected to improve my fitness and move on. Now I consider my workouts with Tamra, as one of the best things that I am doing for myself. I hope to continue these dynamic workouts for at least another 30 years.”

George Cossolias

“My experience with Tamra is Multidimentional. Tamra has an Intimate knowledge of human physiology, and expresses that knowledge by tailoring each exercise to my specific body part and condition. She is a VERY WISE teacher, who gives of her complete ‘faith and lovingness, and leads you to the threshold of your own mind.’ I am 79 years old, and recovering from Heart and Bladder surgery, performed last year. With Tamra’s help, I am running a 5K this month!. I have lost 10 pounds so far. I feel AMAZING and at almost 80 year old I am running again. (50 years ago I was an avid runner). I have finally learned correct form and function when working with Free Weights, the BOSU, TRX training, Stretching, Breathing and Correct Running form. I feel better and stronger than in have in years! Thank you Tamra again for everything you are!”

Valerie Iverson

“I have spent half my life dieting and joining gyms. I’ve tried liquid diets, group meetings and the latest best-selling diet plan books touted by Oprah. I would lose weight, gain it back, and put on more pounds. Finally, after seeing another friend’s success, I hired Tamra as a personal trainer. Everything “clicked”. She got me started on proper nutrition, strength training and a cardio program. I love her varied workouts. They’re never boring as she mixes using various pieces of equipment with lifting weights, yoga and even Pilates. She is tough and encouraging at the same time. With her extensive knowledge, she guides me through my workouts using patience, motivation and fun. I know she truly cares about my well being. My once painful shoulder, which was diagnosed as having osteoarthritis, is now pain free. Since working out with Tamra, I’ve lost 39 inches, and gone from an 18 women’s to a size 12. I no longer have to shop in the “Plus size” stores. I am still on this journey towards having the body I was meant to have, and with Tamra, I know I will succeed.”

Jeannie Laskar

“After hitting a plateau in my daily workouts, I started Tamra’s ‘Boot Camp’ and was amazed at the difference!! My clothes fit better and I definitely am stronger!! Tamra targets every body part in 3 workouts per week with a friendly group of people!! It never feels like a stressful work-out because she makes it so fun. I keep coming back for me!! Thanks Tamra!!”

Robin Gordon

“Tamra is my life changing miracle – aka Trainer!! She has taught me a new healthier way to live and live a better, longer life through EXERCISE. Tamra’s vast knowledge of exercise is amazing!! She is constantly researching new exercises and designing them to fit my fitness goals. Tamra is extremely attentive in her training. Her total focus is on you and your well being. She definitely knows what she is doing. In my first four months of training with Tamra I lost 3 inches in my waist, 4 inches in my abs and 4.5 inches in my hips!!! Need I say more? Thanks, Tamra!!”

Jan Jenson

“Be prepared to be inspired by the power of friendship and fitness. ‘Boot Camp’ has increased my cardiovascular fitness, made me stronger and more toned! Thanks Tamra!”

Becky Heath

“When I finally realized I couldn’t get in shape on my own I called Tamra. Though previous trainers had been disappointing, I had seen the incredible results of Tamra’s guidance. I needed help – I lacked motivation and an understanding of how to get rid of middle age fat! I am so grateful I made that call! Tamra designed a program just for me and pushed me hard. Tamra is much more than an exercise expert! She strives to understand each of her client’s nutritional needs and helps each understand the all important mind/body connection. Tamra teaches success!”

Glenn Heath

“Diabetes, sciatica, nerve damage – these were all conditions I was dealing with when my family gave me an incredible Christmas present - training sessions with Tamra. I had basically given up on myself and any hope of ever being in shape again. After my first meeting with Tamra I knew I had found the help I so desperately needed. She immediately set my mind at ease and gave me confidence that yes, I could run again, I could loose weight and inches, and I could feel good about myself. Tamra is an expert in nutrition, exercise and motivation! She has helped me change my life! I have lost at least 30 pounds, 3 belt sizes and yes – I am running again! I am so grateful to Tamra – a true gift for myself and my family.”


"I've been working out with weights and doing aerobic training for most of my adult life. I was a champion-caliber high school and college distance runner in the 1960s, and then a municipal firefighter throughout the 1970s and 80s. But, I had gradually ratcheted up in weight during the 1990s into the 21st century when I found myself seriously overweight and out of shape before I even reached my 60th birthday. I exceeded 300 lbs at one point and knew I needed to get back to a regular exercise regimen if I had any hope of losing weight and restoring my vitality.

After pursuing various workout strategies on my own for a couple years, then I connected with Tamra and began employing her specialized training methods 2-3 times a week. Over the course of six months, I've dropped about 60 lbs. and my waistline has shrunk more than 10" while my arms, shoulders, chest, back and legs have all developed greater mass and muscle tone. I especially credit Tamra's guidance and direction in the training techniques that have helped me strengthen and continually challenge my core (torso) muscles by multi-tasking in combined exercises, utilizing my own body weight in many instances rather than "pumping heavy iron," by employing the use of apparatus such as the BOSU, TRX and stability ball in conjunction with moderately weighted dumbbells and a few basic weight-training movements.

I never imagined that such a simple and fun training program would be this effective and produce the kind of results I now see in myself. I am ever appreciative of Tamra's expert guidance in implementing the right exercise program for my success. Thank you, Tamra!"

Garet Venton

16 year old Baseball Player

Tamra’s fitness program has helped me a lot!!. I always wanted to try to get my body toner and more muscular but I couldn't do it by myself. So, Tamra was really that person in my life that pushed me to work harder and go all out even if you are extremely tired. I have seen progress over the year I have had her, and even through my injuries and struggles in athletics. I have gained 10 pounds of muscle and strive to keep getting stronger and better every time I work out. THANK YOU TAMRA!!!

Janet Ryan

I’m sure Tamra Herb has helped extend my life, and I know she has helped make it better. Just over a year ago, facing my 60th birthday, it may have been fate that led me to her; I needed a strategy to get myself in shape after years of neglect. While I had managed to stay very active I had done a lousy job maintaining a healthy weight and staying in good physical condition which led to the need for blood pressure and blood sugar medications. Tamra has been the most important aspect of my transformation which continues to be a work in progress. Through her guidance, coaching, and personal commitment to my success I have dropped over 50 pounds – eliminated all blood sugar medication, and significantly reduced my blood pressure medication. My most recent physical which included complete blood work has all of my results exactly where they are supposed to be, blood sugar cholesterol, etc., I have gone down 3-4 clothing sizes (depending on the brand), I am stronger than I have been in years, I have more stamina, and I simply feel better about myself. We all have different needs as we traverse a journey like this – Tamra is exceptional at listening to your goals, understanding your needs, and designing a regimen (addressing nutrition, workout (strength and cardio), vitamins/herbs/etc) and “accountability” to help you be successful. Our first meeting was dedicated to her understanding my goals, health status, temperament, and things that were important to me – from things as simple as not wanting to give up real cream in my coffee, to making sure part of my workout plan included things I could do when a gym was not available. I also recognized my need for accountability, but definitely not of the “drill sergeant” nature. Tamra’s approach has proven to be right for me – accountability that helps me stay on track but not feel like I’ve failed if I stumble – the balance she employs for me works. She takes a personal interest in your success, she is actively engaged in your progress, and she brings a wealth of knowledge and experience she imparts all along the way. She creates an environment that will make you feel comfortable, yes – she is in great shape, she practices what she teaches, but never will you feel intimidated. If you have thought about hiring a trainer, but shied away for any reason – or have tried one before that may not have worked out, I encourage you to consider Tamra – there is no doubt that whether you are in a situation similar to mine, or are already fit and want to take it to a higher level, Tamra is the coach/trainer that can help you achieve your goals.

Jenny Hove

Very personalized and comprehensive approach to training. Tamra knows what’s she’s doing. Nothing cookie cutter about the workouts! During Covid non-exercise times I had gained weight and worse, my body was hurting from sitting too much. My core needed to be strengthened, and it was. Also, A1C, cholesterol and my weight improved!